Monday, November 16, 2009

England V New Zealand rugby match in autumn Internationals

England V New Zealand rugby match on Saturday in
Autumn Internationals 2009. Crowd will be inspired by the legions of amateur players and school children turning out for clubs along the M62 corridor.

The Leeds Rhinos forward started playing rugby matches at the Stanningley club in West Yorkshire and his memories of those days will ensure he is full of motivation when he captains England at Huddersfield's Galpharm Stadium in the crunch Gillette Four Nations game.

"It's also a patriotic thing. But you're not just representing the professional lads but also the blokes who run around working five days a week and play amateur rugby league. You're representing every one of them as well.

"They watch the game and they wish they could be out there playing but they're not so you represent that part of their life. Some people's lives are immersed in rugby league. That's; what their lives revolve around so when we win it's fantastic for them and when we lose it's horrible.

"When you get to this level you don't really need rallying calls from the skipper. It's just about making the most of your opportunities because you've got to realise you don't get many opportunities at this level and games like this only come along so you've got to make the most of them.

"You only play three or four games a year for your country but in the Super League you might end up wracking up 300 games and there might be 50 big matches in there. Whereas at international level if you play 25 times you've had a great career and only five or six game really stick out in that รข€“ career-defining ones so you've got to grab them with both hands."

"Success is the easy route. You can talk all you want about marketing and discounted tickets but if you are successful the people will watch to come and watch us in action."

"I have loved captaining England - it has been all I wanted and more but I just wish we'd got better results," Peacock continued.

"There have been some really tough times because of that but I always feel you learn more from adversity and failures rather than when you're victorious. If you learn from defeats you can move on but if you dwell then you'll get nowhere quickly."

"Everyone is getting to know each other more on and off the field. The more you train with each other the more you get to know each other's little habits. That will help us gel as a team which bodes well for the future."

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