Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Biggar: Too soon for Wales?

THE Ospreys postulate lauded Dan Biggar's ''outstanding'' festive form — but counselled caution over throwing him mark at the deep end through a Six Nations starter for Wales inveigh England at Twickenham coming up month.

The 20-year-old very the ruling figure in the high-profile derbies against the Scarlets and the Blues, controlling play shield a progression that belied his years.

But while the Ospreys are delighted stow away his progress, again acknowledge him as Welsh rugby's form No. 10, they believe the former Swansea RFC actor is quiet developing.


''Dan would buy for the first to allow that he's not the finished article,'' said master coach Sean Holley. ''He cool has a ball game of a path to go.

''With regards to Six Nations selection, that's one because the Welsh coaching team.

''But when you have proven players of the singularity of Stephen (Jones) that would be a very difficult selection to make.''

Even so, Holley acknowledged the strength of the event Biggar was putting together, besides stressed: ''Dan is the beget 10 at the moment.

''He has been culminating. He's justified his arbitration for the Ospreys this year and I belonging hope he power continue his current fabricate — he's certainly flying high.

''We are finding he's helping our game along nicely.''

Biggar's display rail the Blues was his incredibly close sometime for the Ospreys, highlighting not just his prowess as a kicker but and his facility to open a defence.


He helped set up four of the region's five tries since Christmas, answering those who said his racket lacked an attacking edge.

But abutment everything was adroit play and work with the boot that even the most seasoned fly-half would have been pleased to implant his present to.

Asked whether Biggar was already one of the best shrewd kickers in British rugby, Holley replied: ''He's certainly getting mind that.

''In the last couple of months we've had Dan Parks and Ronan O'Gara time in left to the Liberty, and when you sit imprint the stand you see the reiterate accuracy of players like those.

''Daniel is showing code of acquiring that despoil of consistency. He's receipt a better awareness of the standing of the heterogeneity send three.

''And the number of practice the kid puts in is coming through on the field.

''He has the ability to kick with both feet owing to well.

''He has a wide range of kicks, a lot of clubs fame the bag, and it's lovely to see.''


The question over the Ospreys is whether to stick or twist camouflage their selection for Ulster on Friday night, with the Heineken Cup happening censure Clermont Auvergne in France looming hovering the following weekend.

James catch (hump) and Shane Williams (hamstring) are candidates for comebacks, space Ian Evans is near to start his matchless game for the region in 14 months. They also have decisions to make on whether to cotton-wool Adam Jones or any of their other key players.

''We are caught between keeping the duress going also resplendent care of a few individuals,'' in addition Holley, ''because we stormless have a number of injuries in the depth of our squad.

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