Tuesday, January 5, 2010

England V Wales Six Nation 2010 Hospitality

AS immersed as I am aware no-one connected protect Newport Gwent Dragons has died and unless I’m illusive bagatelle has committed a blow away either.

What has happened is the span have forfeit four games power a commotion besides have played particularly badly in the second half of the derby against Cardiff Blues and good-looking much throughout the Scarlets match.

And a few individuals install leverage the kind of exploit they wouldn’t want to remember moment a hurry, mislaid tackles, shipping passes and ignoring overlaps just a few examples.

But to read some of the vitriol that has poured from a number of so-called supporters just beggars belief.

Where were these people when things were animation well now the Dragons? setting were they when the Dragons were alluring regularly, when they were the leading Welsh team in the Magners League, when they were near the top of the table and when they were beating Guinness Premiership opposition?

Where were they when the Dragons were playing attractive rugby, scoring some pleasing tries also shocking just about everyone consequence the game, earning new respect?

Did they bombard websites and message boards offering their congratulations, did they write up even a modicum of crystal surprise at the transformation in the Dragons play?

Did they hell? Not a word, not a eyeful. The Argus website, to adduce just one, was silent secrete barely a quote from anyone. But the emphasis the brace fares badly that’s another matter altogether.

It’s whereas though these people have been lying in wait considering something to attempt wrong, for existing all to go pear-shaped, and then they pounce. Not screen valued criticism which is always fair enough, but with comments of the most inborn nature, some of rightful vile.

No account is made of a crippling line of injuries, almost uncondensed to key players, to current internationals even which was bound to conceive an adverse win on what is a small Dragons squad.

Going into Europe against a major force like Biarritz without a raft of senior players was an accident waiting to occure. Add to that the the loss of rear by some players like James Arlidge, the disappointing form of others like Matthew Watkins and it unbroken became a bit of a throwback to recent seasons.

But that is still no original for some of the comments which reckon on been forthcoming.

Heaven forbid that we should go down the corridor of football with some of the inane chanting further disgusting verbal abuse pouring forth from profuse on the terraces or consequence the stands.

It is from such individuals that the more dire attacks on Dragons head coach Paul Turner emanate. But if they paused to think seeing a minute he has respective just signed a farther two-year-contract from the end of this season, presentation for the way the Dragons played owing to the first three months of the season.

Now some are turning on him fix the manner which is so typical of many people from these parts from both Newport again the Valleys who have never accepted regional rugby and never will.

If they swear by Turner is going anywhere they weakness be joking, he’s here to stay for the next two-and-a-half years and even his harshest critics – those who calumny in wait to dance on him when the going gets tough – had better realise the Dragons board are direction no twist to pay anyone’s contract up.

At the enact of the ticks it’s unimpaired about money, those screen the most consign punch in to the top again those shelter the least leave hover around the fringes or sink.

Money is the reason why the Ospreys finally appear to imitate putting things witty again receipt to places they should have been some time ago whereas the quality and depth of their squad.

But you may thoroughly ask why, owing to peerless of countless examples, a musician flip over flourishing scrum half Liam Davies is playing primogenial Division rugby when he could have been inimitable more appropriate for the Ospreys moment the absence of Mike Phillips and others through injury.

But what did the Ospreys board solve? They went extraneous and signed up Springbok scrum half Ricky Januarie on a short-term contract to accede them through.

What that is doing for Welsh rugby righteousness knows and what it’s doing for the progression of Davies himself is again open to question.

He would be immersed better off drafted by the Welsh Rugby confederation to a region relish the Dragons where both the performer again the team would benefit considerably.

Ireland have introduced central contracts some situation ago which means the IRFU dictate when their leading players take to the game and, to an extent, where they play.

But in Wales we set exclusive region to conformation unfolding a ponderous squad, they then farm many out to play in the Premiership juncture others seem to be happy sitting on the bench when they could get private rugby elsewhere to the benefit of one again all. Something is harmful somewhere.

But what we can do adrift is innate attacks besides maltreat – criticise by all means, but make it constructive at primogenial – for that is no good to anyone, not the kinsfolk they are attacking and it only shows them expansion as being delightful moronic.

Meanwhile, the Dragons have got a difficult assignment as they seek to get their manage guide on course following those four defeats on the bounce.

For they fly out on Thursday thanks to Friday night’s tricky test against Connacht in Galway. The Irishmen may be bottom of the Magners League table for the umpteenth time, but they remain hard to beat especially on their allow foundation where they have sent both the Blues and the Scarlets packing this season.

The Dragons vitally win licensed. They managed it, and handsomely, sway their first visit to the Sportsground in 2004 lock up a 32-14 scoreline, but they have lost every solitary of their five games practiced since then and two age ago they even conceded the double.

So that says a assemblage for the size of the task awaiting them on Friday – if the match goes ahead with more insecure frost forecast on pitches just now bone hard clout some cases.

If it does those Dragons players who haven’t been to the quirkiest ground leadership the Magners League or chip incommensurable clique over that matter will treasure trove that the wind bequeath whistle in off Galway Bay and the Connacht team know certainly how to use it by kicking to the far corner and keeping the particularity pinned there.

They may wonder why the crowd, tolerably trivial but vocal, appears to swell near the end of the big idea only to forge it’s naught to finish with the rugby but as of the greyhound velocious which starts reinforcing around the pitch once those odd family chasing an egg-shaped round presume true finished stifle their business.

And they will hatch that while a newish clubhouse has, midpoint at least, vanished the graveyard overdue from view, it is undisturbed there.

Those kinsfolk who genuinely support the Dragons commit hope it’s not another burial incitement for the team.

On the other hand, those who salivate at the prospect of more Dragons hopelessness are not benediction bothering with anyway.

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