Monday, January 11, 2010

Celtic League ready to compensate Glasgow for late postponement in Leinster

After the late cancellation of their Magners League match against Leinster at the Royal Dublin Society on Friday, Glasgow officials are set to file a claim for compensation to the board of Celtic Rugby to recover the costs they incurred on their fruitless trip to Ireland.

Speaking after Friday's fiasco – Glasgow had received a number of assurances that the pitch would be playable before they set off from Scotland on Thursday evening – Celtic Rugby director David Jordan dismissed suggestions that a claim could be made against Leinster.

However, Jordan said that central funds were available to ensure that clubs were not left out of pocket after such abortive journeys.

"These things have happened in the past and we have always applied the same principle," said Jordan.

"The point is that the away team should not be financially penalised when a match is called off, so we have covered their costs on previous occasions when these situations have arisen.

"We actually anticipate having to do this from time to time and we have made contingencies in our budget. I've told Kenny Baillie that he should submit a claim to us to cover the costs Glasgow have incurred."

Asked if Celtic Rugby might be able to recover their own costs from Leinster, Jordan agreed that the possibility existed but suggested that the difficulty of proving any negligence on the part of the Irish side made that course of action highly unlikely.

"We have told teams that they should make every effort to get games on," Jordan explained. "Obviously, we will be reviewing what Leinster did to protect their pitch, but we have to accept that these things happen from time to time and sides have to make a judgment call."

Privately, some Glasgow officials have suggested that they may support a claim for compensation from their travelling supporters who were also hugely inconvenienced by the late cancellation of Friday's game.

In reality, however, Celtic Rugby would almost certainly stand firm against setting any precedent of that sort.

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