Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wales will miss 3D Six Nations England clash

Welsh rugby fans who want to see their heroes in 3D at the cinema for the first time will have to go to England.

The Wales v England game at Twickenham, each team's opener in the 2010 Six Nations, will be the first live 3D sports broadcast in Europe.

But while 40 Odeon and Cineworld cinemas will show the game, tournament sponsor O2 says that none are in Wales.

Wales fan and rugby pundit Carolyn Hitt said: "It is incredibly insular and narrow-minded."

She said: "Maybe England fans need convincing that England can play in more than one dimension."

O2 has said 3D cameras will be installed for the match on 6 February. England's second game of the tournament, with Ireland on 27 February, will also be broadcast in 3D.

Backers claim the 3D screenings will give rugby fans the closest experience of the atmosphere inside the stadium.

Tickets for the Wales-England clash go on sale on 29 January but Wales fans face a trek across the border if they want to see their team screened in 3D.

O2 said the screenings would be in England "because we only sponsor the England team".

Hitt said: "They have shot themselves in the foot from a marketing point of view.

"This offered a real breakthrough in the way people enjoyed a game of rugby but they are halving their potential audience.

"Rugby is far more popular in Wales than in England anyway."

Writer and broadcaster Nigel Crowle, a Cardiff Blues season ticket holder, said: "I suppose the England rugby supporters will be viewing their grand slam chances through rose-tinted 3D spectacles, too.

"It's a shame the England rugby team have to rely on gimmicks to please their supporters and the Welsh team only need to play good rugby."

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